Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Licensed vs. Unlicensed Contractor?

So why should you use an experienced professional or licensed contractor for all of your home repair and home improvement? In our experience, we find that handyman professionals who are not licensed for the most part simply do not do the job right or are in for the quick buck. Our advice when obtaining estimates for bigger projects is to use a licensed contractor. A licensed contractor is bonded and insured as required by the State of Arizona. If something goes wrong you have a viable recourse option. If you have trusted a handyman to do a big job, not only is it illegal for that non licensed company to accept payment of more than $1000 for the work, but it is not a safe bet.

There are very few handyman professionals who actually do great work in the Phoenix Area, but not many. If you have small home repairs or minor improvements than it is a safe bet to hire a handyman, given their credentials check out. If you hire a handyman for minor improvements in your home, just make sure they have references and a proven track record. If you have major work that needs to be completed a licensed contractor may cost you more but the job will be done completely and professionally.

Not all licensed contractors do quality work. Remember make sure you can see some of the work examples or video testimonials of their customers. It says a lot when a person is willing to make a video testimonial on behalf of the service provider. Phoenix Handyman services providers should have a solid reputation unless you are going to entrust a newbie in the business.