Sunday, December 29, 2013

Phoenix Handyman - Drywall Repair

Drywall repair and replacement is a highly common job for a Phoenix handyman. Phoenix handyman and home repair experts can easily fix all of your drywall needs for a reasonable fee, however depending on the size of the damage, you may be able to pull off this task on your own without the paid assistance of a Phoenix handyman. In order to fix your drywall damage, this really has to do with the size of the damage whether it is a small hole, or a large whole, sometimes you may have to replace the whole wall.

ASAP Restoration, LLC your Phoenix handyman has some basic tips for you to start the new year off in full control of your Phoenix drywall repair job:

  1. You will need a drywall saw
  2. A framing square can be used and a putty knife
  3. Purchase a piece of drywall from your local home improvement store
  4. Cut out a square piece of drywall that is at least 2 inches larger than the hole itself
  5. Cut a square around the hole of the damage so you can insert the new square
  6. Put putty or mud and cover the entire area of the square and let it dry
  7. Once dry you can then sand the area and get it ready for paint

This is a very simple tip for taking care of drywall damage on your own. You will more than likely need the assistance of a Phoenix handyman if you are in need of replacing the entire wall. If your drywall damage was caused by water damage or leaks due to plumbing malfunctions, flood or storm damage, you will need the assistance of an experienced Phoenix water damage restoration professional.